History of Musical Influences – Part I – 1976-1977

As mentioned in the introduction, I don’t necessarily plan on detailing in chronological order the events that marked the musical influences on me, but I’ll use it as the basic outline.  Just note we may take a segue here and there as the synapses in my brain fuse back together and old buried memories are reborn

The purpose is not to just note the electronic Musical Influences, but all musical influences.  I think you’ll see that at the end, you’ll see why it’s my passion to do music for film.

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Let’s begin!


Logan’s Run.  I won’t go into a plethora of detail on Logan’s Run itself, except that I am patiently waiting on the remake of this and this is the earliest form of electronic music I can remember at this time, that evoked a bit of emotional “Oooooo….What’s that!” from me 🙂  Jerry Goldsmith did the orchestral music, but I’m not sure who actually did the electronic pieces.


Star Wars.  Other than a simple masterpiece of science fiction and cinema, this was probably one of the first albums I ever listened to and owned.  It, of course, was my introduction to John Williams.  My parents constantly nagged me to please stop playing that same album on the family turntable day in, and day out.  Uh, well…It was the only album I owned :), I found myself mesmerized by the music, and then I heard “the five tones”.

It was probably a month or so of hearing “the five tones” all over TV, Radio etc before I actually saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but when I realized it was also John Williams, it had to be immediately added to my collection   I remember that when my parents would ask me what I wanted for Christmas at this time, I would tell them anything that John Williams has done.   I’m not sure they even knew who he was, and I didn’t even own a turntable at the time.

It was also about this time I started hearing music from Kraftwerk, although I didn’t realize it was them at that time.



I’ll end with a little Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley.

Next up, 1978-1979

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– Keith

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