History of Musical Influences

I’m finally reviving a series of articles I started 10 years ago referencing the history of Musical Influences in my life.  I should have done this a long time ago. I promise not to let another 10 years go by before I add the next entry!

I don’t necessarily plan on detailing in chronological order the events that marked the musical influences on me, but I’ll use it as the basic outline.  Just note we may take a seque here and there as the synapses in my brain fuse back together and old buried memories are reborn.

The purpose is not to just note the “Electronic” musical influences, but ALL musical influences.  I think you’ll see that at the end, you’ll see why it’s my passion to do music for film and T.V.

Below you will find all the history articles, I hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned for new entries!

  • Keith
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