Announcing Infinity

I just recently released my latest single Distant Visions, and upon listening to it a fan stated the following:

“Almost sounds like something from a second interstellar suite”

I thought to myself:

“Well it does fit into that overall feeling that The Maestoso Interstellar Suite (TMIS for short) has…Hmmm, a sequel perhaps?  If so, what would I call it?”

I toyed with the idea.  I thought to myself, only in 2016 did I release the 10 year anniversary version of TMIS, and with that I added a whole new disc to it. 

At that time I also thought of releasing it on vinyl, but the format and existing structure and composition of each movement did not lend itself to the format.  For vinyl I need to have a maximum of around 22 minutes per side, and that would also break the intended listening experience of the single piece from beginning to end with each movement blending into the next.  I decided against it.

Along with that, I also created the “Radio Edit” version of it and labeled it Singularities.  If I came back to the suite for a sequel, I feared I would have to do the same thing.  1 disc that is continuous, and one version that is the radio edits.  I honestly didn’t want to do that again.

Since then however, even though I have yet to release anything on vinyl, I’ve strived to make any new releases to where they could fit on at least one single vinyl.  Limiting myself to only 44 minutes of music, and structured so that it could be split for both sides.

Additionally I’ve also invested HEAVILY into my gear and my libraries.  I have an amazing arsenal of sounds; virtual instruments; and some kick ass orchestral packages at my disposal now, and I’ve been dying trying to figure out exactly how to utilize them.

So how do I make this work… even if I never actually release it on vinyl, how do I make it work and how do I not call it The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Part II, or Return, or whatever.  Heck I could even just call the album Distant Visions and say it’s a sequel.

When I released the 10 year anniversary edition of TMIS, I had to sacrifice some instrument quality compared to what I was hearing in my head.  I just couldn’t emulate it at the time. And, my hardware was really put to the test…  I had to bounce some tracks within the song so I could just finish the damned thing.  It was hell.  I always wanted to give it that true hybrid orchestral sound I was hearing in my had.

Additionally, my previous album La Famille Du Solénoïde (The family of Sol) has been waiting on me to go back and update it for the modern age. I think it’s content will fit in quite nicely.

The fact is, I love this style of not quite Space Music, and not quite Ambient, and somewhat hybrid orchestral.  I could see myself always creating a somewhat sequel to it. But how do I make it work if I do?

So I decided I’m not going to make a sequel to The Maestoso Interstellar Suite.

Instead I’ll go back once more; polish up the loose ends on the original music once more (Yeah I know, I’m going Lucas again), but that will be it.

I’ll trim down some tracks and re-arrange others to make it fit on vinyl if I choose.

I’ll try one last time, to get it to what is in my head, as I’m no longer limited to what I can do.

And I won’t re-release it… No, instead I’ll rebrand it.  And technically, it will never be complete.  That way I never have to worry about feeling guilty for going back into that space.

I’ll call it…. Infinity.

Infinity will be released in volumes, and it will never have an end.  Only slight intermissions.

When I feel like entering back into that world and putting more work into Infinity, I’ll just release another volume until Infinity (Or I die, or I give up… whichever comes first)

You might think I’m crazy, but hey I’m doing this for myself.  I hope you guys like it, but it’s my baby 🙂

So with that said, I’ll start by working on Infinity Volume 1

I’ve already determined how the movements from TMIS will be spread across the various different volumes, for the first three volumes of Infinity (in which Volume 3 will contain completely new material)

I’ll be trimming just a bit from one movement for the first volume and start working on the new arrangements.  Once that is complete expect to hear more news on how I’m proposing to have the final release done.  On top of that I also have work on binarywaste and VR I need to complete as well, so I’m unsure of a time frame at this time… but I’m excited to get back to the now never ending suite.

Stay tuned, as the first 4 volumes for Infinity are underway.

  • Keith
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