C / T / F / O

C / T / F / O

RELEASED : 7/1/2019


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C / T / F / O
The new album from Keith Richie elevates the artist experience to something with a bit more edge and aggressiveness but not in an overt way.

The album begins with the track Maestoso featuring guitar leads from Ray Clay. It may start like a simple ambient or soft techno cut but progresses into a more rock build up that helps set the tone for the rest of the album.

The listener can certainly hear the artists signature sound, but with an edgier grit to it throughout. A few surprises also lay in store with what could only be a direct call out to the influence Kraftwerk has had on him via the track Muzika Automatika.

Filled with crunchy bass lines and echoing riffs, this release takes the listener on a journey of what some may call Aggressive Ambient, and completes the journey all the way to the end with the title track reminding you to just C / T / F / O.



A YouTube playlist of album art videos for the album


Coming Soon.

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