March of the Inanimate

March of the Inanimate Cover - Video Cover

March of the Inanimate

Released 10/23/2014

“Slowly building, this opus-magnum incorporates some very haunting piano-melody and an increased intensity in the dark-electro, pulsing rhythms. Again…considering the subject matter he’s based this music on – this fits right in there, right into the gritty underworld of horror-movie-mania; “March Of The Inanimate” is musically-menacing to say the very least.” – Jer@SBS/Sleeping Bag Studios

“Keith Richie has a way with electronic music. It almost always never sounds electronic! Here, he has the freedom to explore the aural landscape and generate musical imagery, beyond the limits of pop music structures, and he does it extremely well. He produces a unique listening experience, a collection of suspenseful, expressive themes that are also occasionally inspiring. “March of the Inanimate” feels like an invitation to imagine movie scenes from films that have yet to be made” – Robbie Tee / Jamsphere

March of the Inanimate is a bit of a homage to the classic horror movie soundtracks produced by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth who co-wrote the music to classics such as Halloween, the Fog, and numerous others.

The classic themes from those movies is what initially inspired me to get into electronic soundtrack music, and creating soundtrack music is something I’ve always wanted to do.

This release features eerie, creepy and foreboding ambient music sure to get you into the Halloween spirit, and even though this set of music isn’t tied to any film, it does tell a unique story in it’s own right.
I hope you enjoy it well enough to include in your collection.

Take a guided tour through the album with me here in my “Behind the music” posting where I go behind the scenes and describe how the album came to be.  I share my thoughts on each track and the direction the album took.  Read more by clicking here.




Chasing Shadows – Ambient Visions Edition


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