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The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary Edition / Singularities

  • The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10YRAE on Journeyscapes Radio: “… I am simply floored by the quality of this artist’s output,… this is simply a must-have for fans of emotive sci-fi and classic electronic space music!”
  • The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10YRAE on One World Music Radio : “Richie has bared his musical soul to the world here, his longing to manifest something imposing, almost regal and defiantly impressive, he has created a luxurious work of art that is utterly striking and extremely ambitious, but this extensive all-encompassing opus must now surely give Keith Richie, the title of Master of the Grand Soundscape. How can I not recommend this distinguished album to you, go buy it now and enjoy your journey too. “


Ambient Highways

March of the Inanimate

For the Willow Wept…

  • For the Willow Wept… Review on Amazon: “If you’re looking for some ambient-style music that is relaxing and easy to work to, but not so subdued that all of the songs ‘sound the same,’ then check out ‘For the Willow Wept.’ You won’t be disappointed!”

La famille du solénoïde

Ambient Highways wins Global Music Awards Bronze Medal!


I am honored that my album Ambient Highways received a Bronze Medal in the Electronica division at Global Music Awards!

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